designers that cross creative boundaries

Meet the people behind the products—sharing their creativity, and taking us further than we’ve ever shopped before.
Table wares that combine nature and craft for a simpler, more in-touch life.


Playing with scale, Yuta Segawa turns the iconic flower vase into an anywhere-centerpiece.

small big things

Made only from plants, lightweight, and perfectly sized to move around easily in hot summer days.

chaguar days

Match extraordinary craft with your favorite spirit to raise your evening ritual.

sipping pretty

With the touch of a soft brush, she turns mud into skies, feathers and plants.

Morgan Levine

Find art right at home, in handmade and handcrafted objects created to enrich your day.

around art

A devoted mother and ‘accidental’ artist captures memories of family life in clay, to give them a new home.

Karina Contini

A program that helps local communities employ indigenous elements and craft to sustain their culture and build their future.


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